What Do We Do?


aims to provide recruitment solutions backed up with the right kind of training for our ambitious clients who aim to rise further on their success and growth ladder.

It goes without saying how important it is to have people with appropriate experience, skills, knowledge and other attributes in the right place at the right time. We share ideas, knowledge and experience across businesses to deliver this goal. We strive to improve the productivity and performance of our clients by saving their time and money.

Our core areas of business are:




Our business operates from mid level to board level appointments, both in the private and public sectors. We work throughout the UK for various sectors of business. By focusing on the individual needs and aspirations of our candidates, we ensure we place them in a role that’s right for them. For our clients, it is this process that delivers the right and the best people for their organization.

Focused screening and selection of right candidate is essential to the recruiting process and we offer a full range of applicant screening and testing procedures. We deliver a predictable approach to workforce selection that will bring the right assets to your company now when you need them.

When it comes to find the most suitable candidate for our clients, we go an extra mile to understand the requirements of both the parties. Our scientific approach helps us to do the right job very first time, thus saving time and huge costs.


We know that resourcing is an important function of an organization and it involves lot of costs. Keeping that in mind we at Santane want to make this total recruitment cycle clear and effective.

Here is how we add value:-

In depth need analysis.

Our need analysis involves interviewing hiring manager for various aspects of role e.g. technical priorities, expectations within first year, etc. We try to see the background of last three successful hires and analyze what factors beyond a formal job description are required for the role. It gives us a clear understanding of a real right candidate for the role and the organization.

Enhanced research for the best talent.

We attract the talent from the market with the help of our own website, partnerships with other leading sites, networking events and workshops. We are continuously working for other effective solutions to make sure our clients have the best options from the market when it comes to hiring.

Applicant/employee assessment using various psychometric testing tools.

We use various psychometric testing tools to measure knowledge, abilities and personality traits of candidates, thus giving us maximum information about them and their skills. This proves very effective for assessment.

Reference checks.

We help our clients in doing reference checks for their candidates enabling them to save their time and costs.

Quality service.

We are committed to the processes, measurement and continuous improvement which are the foundations of quality management.

We take ownership of our SMART goals and deliver what we promise. We qualify our orders to ensure the request falls within the scope of what we offer. We make decisions in the best interests of our people and our customers, both existing and future.

Risk cover and Save time and money.

By offering you a money back rebate period on successful placements, we reduce the risk on your recruitment costs. You don’t pay a penny until you are 100% satisfied with candidate and the service provided by Santane.

We also handle your advertising and help in screening the responses saving a considerable amount of your productive time. By providing you with the ideal person first time, you save money by reducing the time it takes to recruit the desired candidate.


Change being a vital part of corporate world, businesses need to be flexible to remain competitive. To be in league, companies need to work on the skills and knowledge of their people as this is a fundamental driver of company’s performance and excellence. Training, thus being a profit centre rather than a cost centre for organizations.

Right skills make a real difference in one’s ability to negotiate the challenges of the corporate world. In order to provide such effective training; Santane has collaborated with internationally reputed training schools. Our experienced training experts help in brushing skills and make us up and running for the game.

Our different set of training modules are created keeping in mind, the probability of complex and demanding needs of our clients. Our intensive psychological research based training programs are created to infuse the right level of management and personnel skills for the demanding high end job.

Our Training Modules for Employers:

Module Launch Pad

A complete package for one to do a job properly in a company once he is hired.

Module Boosters

This module is created to brush up the skill sets of the existing staff. The training sessions will be devised and delivered after analyzing the requirement of the company.

Our Training Modules for Candidates:

Module Goal

A career counseling and career planner session for people who are looking for a change in career or are just about to start one.

Module Skills

Training on wide variety of skills ranging from communication skills to managerial skills.


Our training modules are structured based on various aspects like different learning methods, various training modes, different personality traits, various skills sets, cultural differences and much more.

We have training modules for organizations, individuals, employees at all levels of organisation, for various skills sets and are devising more as per our clients’ needs.

Our different set of training modules are created keeping in mind, the probability of complex and demanding needs of our clients.

We believe in keeping things simple, stress free and effective.

• Our training methods are scientifically prepared keeping in mind different learning and training methods for different audiences. Our elaborate training modules are created to enable one learn everything systematically, gradually and effectively.

• Though our training modules are prepared for different types of audiences, we still go through a complete need analysis every time for each client to create a tailor made program to suit their unique and specific needs.

• We believe that the ability of the person delivering you training is really important and that’s why we only use experienced training professionals.

• As the world changes and training requirements evolve, so does our work and modules and we are passionate about helping you exceed your expectations.

• Participants build up their self-confidence and learn new empowering techniques as they experiment, discuss and participate in a variety of practical activities.

• Our training programs are practical, participative, flexible, and above all cost effective. Our intensive psychological research based training programs are created to infuse the right level of management and personnel skills for the demanding high end job.

If you would like any further information about us or the services we provide, please contact our Director,

Reena Koul 
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Telephone : 00-44-7527812271