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Santane provides resources to booming Oil and Gas Industry in UK, USA and in parts of Asia.

10th September 2013
Oil and Gas Industry has seen a lot of action this year with new project investments and approvals sky rocketing all over the world. This means that the industry needs specialist workforce to meet these requirements. Santane is helping its customers to meet this demand by providing 100% fit candidates for all the available positions. Given that qualified engineers are carrying out the screening and selection process, it is no surprise that our candidates are always invited for interviews and almost always selected for the roles.

Santane attends SPE Offshore Europe 2013 in Aberdeen.

06th September 2013
Santane attended SPE Offshore Europe 2013 in AECC, Aberdeen from 3rd to 6th September. More than 63,000 people attended the four-day show, an increase of over 25% on the 2011 event. A record-breaking 1500 plus organisations were exhibiting in the six exhibition halls which this year covered an expanded floor space of 27,217 square metres – the equivalent of eight football pitches. Read the full press release.

Santane build's further relations with Automotive Sector.

1st June 2012

As Automotive sector is going through a massive transition involving computational sciences to be involved in each aspect of design, the need for specialist personnel has increased considerably. Santane continues to provide top talent to this industry and forsees the demand is going to increase in future years.

Santane attends SPE Offshore Europe 2011.

9th September 2011

Santane attended SPE Offshore Europe 2011 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Record attendance levels at SPE Offshore Europe 2011 in Aberdeen have set a new benchmark as the largest exhibition and conference in the event's history. More than 48,000 people attended the four-day show with 1400 plus organisations exhibiting state of the art advances in Oil and Gas industry. More than 90 countries were represented in this year's event. 

Santane starts operations in India.

1st December 2010

Santane considers India as one of the potential markets for resourcing industry. Every year, Indian technical schools and universities deliver quality graduates and therefore it is no surprise that these professionals have started to get in demand in various parts of the World. Santane appreciates this development and want to be a part of this growing process in the Indian industry.

We welcome Dr. Seema as our Director Indian operations. She brings a plenty of expertise and experience of the local Indian market which is crucial for our operations. She comes from an education background and therefore understands the resourcing sector in India. We wish her best of luck and congratulate her for joining Santane.

Santane is upgrading its website.

1st October 2010

Santane is soon upgrading its website by giving it a fresh look. With upgraded new features we want to make your online experience with Santane simple and enjoyable. The launching date will be conveyed to viewers on all social media sites and Santane blog.

Reena Koul chooses a bright future with Santane over her Private Banking Career. We welcome Reena and wish her best for a successful career with Santane.

May 24th May 2010

Reena Koul joins Santane to drive its resourcing and talent management division to new heights. Reena has a considerable experience in private banking and engineering sector. With her proven leadership and business skills she is planning to raise the bar for this industry.

We wish her well, and pledge our absolute support for the bright future Reena has within our business.