What Can We Do For You?


aim to provide effective and value based Recruitment and Training solutions to our clients. While attracting fresh talent for your company, we want to work with you in developing your new and existing employees and help then integrate well in your organizational culture.

Our business operates for permanent placements from entry level staff to board level appointments both in private and public sectors.


Need analysis

To ensure an ideal placement for you, we adopt a comprehensive Need Analysis process which enables us to have a feel of the culture of your organisation including your strategy, working environment, business goals, staffing requirements, etc. The process ensures that competencies of the candidates are accurately defined and these reflect organisations long-term and short-term objectives.


We are in constant touch with our active and passive candidates to ensure they are not only available but would be interested in taking the role should it be offered. This allows us to find the “hard to find talent”.

We use a winning combination of database search, on and off line advertising, networking and experience to source and recruit staff for you.


CV’s just can’t always have the right “Key Words”. Our candidate might be an excellent business analyst but not a professional CV writer. We at Santane understand that and are constantly looking for a right talent rather than a good CV writer. Our range of interviewing techniques and various brainstorming sessions within Santane help us to put “the right fit with right skills” for you.


We deliver a predictable approach to global workforce selection that will bring the right assets to your company now when you need them.

Our job does not end once you have appointed an individual. Santane has a duty of care to all of our clients (employers and jobseekers) to ensure the placement continues to be successful for both parties. Your assigned consultant will keep in touch with you to ensure that your expectations have been met.

Our Rules of Offering

We adhere to all best practice principles including data protection, equality and diversification legislation.

We treat with confidence any information provided by a client as part of the recruitment process, restricting it to parties directly linked with the recruitment process. We conduct our activities with honesty, integrity and openness.

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Need Analysis

This involves comprehensive analysis of goals as an individual, team or an organisation. Variety of tests, questionnaires, interview sessions, contributions from line manager/peers and direct reports help us identify where individuals stand on a range of competences in management, skills, practical experience.


We restrain ourselves from dumping loads of information manuals, long boring lectures, and never ending presentations in the name of training. We understand that our audience is not same throughout. All are different with different learning and receptive skills and so should be our training.

Our training methods are scientifically prepared keeping in mind different learning and training methods for different audiences. These modules enable one learn everything systematically, gradually and effectively. Our intensive psychological research based training programs are created to infuse the right level of management and personnel skills for the demanding high end job. Our training programs are practical, participative, flexible, and above all cost effective.

Training Professionals

We believe that the ability of the person delivering you training is really important and that’s why we only use experienced training professionals.

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